Sweetbird Lemonade Syrup



Sweetbird Lemonade Syrup tastes just like homemade! It’s the perfect, classic taste of Summer. It is a simple way to a quick, cool refreshment. Just add sparkling or still water and ice!

1 litre bottle

Pair it with a Sweetbird branded Syrup Pump, allows you to ensure a perfect balance of flavour and sweetness in every drink!


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Product Description

At CoffeeClick, we have something for everyone, this popular Sweetbird Lemonade syrup is a premium quality, and will keep everyone coming back for more.

Sweetbird has squeezed the refreshing taste of summer into their best selling specially-blended lemonade syrup. A traditional much-loved classic syrup with a thirst-quenching flavour.

Sweetbird lemonade syrup – the simple trick for a quick, cool thirst-quenching refreshment.

Easy to make! Simply add a few dashes to chilled still or sparkling water and the perfect, cool refreshment is ready to serve.

    • No artificial colours or preservatives
    • Free from High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • 100% GMO free
    • Registered as suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans by The Vegan Society

Recipe for Classic Lemonade

  • Lemonade Syrup
  • Still or sparkling water
  • Ice

Add 4 pumps of syrup to a glass and top with still or sparkling water to 3/4 full. Stir and add ice.

Top Tip! Try adding fresh lemon wedge and mint leaves!

Shake it up

Create shaken iced teas by using a cocktail shaker to prepare your drink. This adds a chance to show off your cocktail-shaking skills, whilst making an extra cool, refreshing drink. Sweetbird’s iced tea and lemonade range are also great for transitioning your day time drinks into evening cocktail options.

Lemonade Recipe

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