Rhino™ Coffee Gear Tall Hand Grinder



The Rhino Coffee Gear hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for grinding coffee on-the-go. It’s great for travel, work or even just at home.

  • Quality food grade stainless steel – easy to clean
  • Conical ceramic burrs ensuring a clean grind – the burrs stay sharp longer and don’t rust
  • Adjust for a range of grind types
  • Can hold up to 42 grams of coffee beans
  • A protective carry bag
  • Smooth grinding motion
  • Superior particle size distribution


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Product Description

An easy to use grinder, great for all coffees from espresso to French Press. A rubber grip around the centre makes for comfortable grinding without slipping, while the inner rod is designed to keep the burrs from wobbling, improving the consistency of the resulting coffee grounds. When not in use the handle is easily detachable and both parts fit into the included travel pouch, making this grinder easy to store or transport to work, on holiday or anywhere else!

Rhinowares uses only high-quality stainless steel and making the unit fit comfortably in the hand. A lot of thoughts have also been given to the handle. The handle length is optimised for ease of action – especially on the finer grinds, and it has a comfortable knob, and most importantly a solid fit to the grinder so it didn’t come off during grinding.

Compare with the Rhino’s compact grinder, the tall hand grinder offers a larger capacity 42g.


  • Height with grinder arm attached: 17cm
  • Length of grinder arm: 15cm
  • Weight: 500g

Instruction Manual

Download the Rhino Tall Hand Grinder Instruction Manual

Frequent Asked Questions
Q: How do I set the grind to suit Aeropress?
A: Tighten nut all the way, then ease off half a turn
Q: How do I set the grind for French Press?
A: Ease off 1.5 turns
Q: How do I set the grind for a v60?
A: Tighten the burrs completely, then go back a half turn.  Depending on the beans being used, some further adjustment may be required.  Suggested ratio is 60g/litre.
Q: What grind setting is right for a moka pot?
A: Adjust your grind to the finest level (adjust so that the burrs are touching), then open up a notch or two.
Q: How do I clean the grinder, and how often should it be done?
A:  It’s best to pull the grinder apart and give it a clean every 4 weeks (more often if you are using darker and more oily roasts.  Just use warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove all residual coffee.  Be sure to rinse with fresh water when finished and to allow the parts to dry fully before re-assembling.
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