Lavazza ¡Tierra! Origins Colombia 100% Arabica


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The latest creation from Lavazza, a precious blend of 100% washed Arabica from Colombia. The excellent mixing and design in the cup give life to a taste profile that can be appreciated both by lovers of 100% Arabica coffee and by the most eclectic ones in the continuous search for trendy coffee.

Gentle drum roasting preserves the aromas of the espresso, with taste note of chocolate, nuts, dark cocoa and tropical fruits.

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Product Description

The latest creation from Lavazza, a precious blend of 100% washed Arabica from Colombia. ¡Tierra! Colombia contains sensory profiles typical of the coffees coming from the different regions of Colombia: the fruity aromaticity typical of the Western Cordillera and southern regions and the characteristic body of the Meta area.

Taste note: Aromatic harmony and a smooth taste are exalted by the typical sweetness, with a refined acidity and rich body. Chocolate, Nuts and Dark Cocoa, also with prevailing notes of hints of tropical fruit combined with the scent of lime zest and jasmine flowers, with a sweet liqueur aftertaste.

Roasting: The delicate and gentle drum slow roasting process is ideal for to preserves the aromas of the espresso and ensures a persistent taste.

Origin: ¡Tierra! Colombia contains coffee from the Meta region, where the armed conflict interrupted coffee-growing for a long time. Lavazza has helped over one hundred farming families restore plantations, creating sustainable working conditions.

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Aromatic, delicate, with a refined acidity, taste note of chocolate, nuts and dark cocoa


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Sensory Properties

Medium Roast
1000 gram

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