Lavazza Eco Capsule Nespresso Compatible Espresso Armonico

Lavazza Eco Caps Espresso Armonico |  Compostable Capsules for Nespresso Original Machines!

100% Arabica Central American origins are blended together to create a rounded, full-bodied coffee, with subtle notes of roasted cereals.

100% Compatible | 100% Compostable

100% Taste | 100% Satisfaction

53g | 10 capsules

Intensity – 8

Suitable for all Nespresso Original Range of Capsule Machines (Not Compatible with Nespresso Vertuo Range)



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Product Description

Enjoy all the great taste of Lavazza coffee in compostable capsules, now available for Nespresso Original Capsule Machines.

Lavazza Eco Caps Nespresso Compatible is 100% Industrial Compostable Capsules, available in 5 unique blends.

Lavazza Eco Coffee Capsules Nespresso Compatible Espresso Armonico | Intensity 8

A selection of 100% Arabica Central American origins is blended together to create a rounded, full-bodied coffee, with subtle notes of roasted cereals from a faraway land.


The new compostable capsules made with an innovative, compostable biopolymer based on renewable resources which can also guarantee the best result in the cup: your coffee will still taste great, with guaranteed 18 months shelf life.

Aroma safe

Thanks to the airtight technology, the capsules are packaged in a protective atmosphere to preserve the aroma, the self-protection packaging creates a barrier against oxygen your coffee will always be fresh, guarantee an authentic coffee for the best in-cup result.


Lavazza Eco Caps were certified by the TÜV Austria and made with industrial compostable material, conform to the International Standard EN 13432.

The capsules can be directly placed into the food waste bin (Brown Bin) in Ireland, and the waste will be collected by the waste management company in Ireland.

These compostable capsules are NOT domestic compostable and all compostable packaging are NOT recyclable. Shall you have any queries on the compostable waste, please contact your local council or waste management company.

Learn More about Compostable Capsules now.

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