Lavazza Coffee Beans Variety Box



We have carefully selected 6 blends of popular Lavazza Coffee Beans to make this coffee beans variety box, including Crema e Aroma, Super Crema, Top Class, Gran Espresso, Gran Riserva and Gold Selection.

Perfect for those coffee lovers who want to explore the unique taste profile of each blend of Lavazza coffee beans.

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Product Description

In our COFFEE ALLSORTS Lavazza Coffee Variety Box, you will find 6 different blends of premium Lavazza Coffee Beans:

Lavazza Crema e Aroma - A creamy and aromatic blend of coffee with a pleasant, strong and intense taste and a velvety and persistent cream, with a pleasant aftertaste of dry fruits, bitter cocoa and precious woods.

Lavazza Super Crema -  A sweet and aromatic blend of coffee with a velvety creamy and persistent aroma, and unmistakeable scents of honey and almonds for a mild and creamy espresso.

Lavazza Gran Espresso - A rich, balanced blend of coffee with an aroma of dark chocolate and spices for a creamy, enveloping espresso,  with hints of spice and chocolate notes.

Lavazza Gran Riserva -A rounded, delicate blend with an intense, lingering flavour, a creamy consistency, and a delicate liqueur-like note and a sweet aftertaste.

Lavazza Top Class - A full-bodied blend with the perfect balance of strength without any bitterness, with an aroma of chocolate and dried fruit with a mellow, dark cocoa aftertaste.

Lavazza Gold Selection - A strong and creamy blend with a decisive body and a rich and persistent aroma. It has a long-lasting chocolaty aftertaste, with the perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

*Lavazza has introduced the NEW COLLECTION packaging changes in summer 2019, the different blend will change over to the new packaging at different time, so please don't be disappointed if you have received the old packaging stock on some blends. All the coffee we sell at CoffeeClick have a really good shelf life, always top quality coffee with guaranteed freshness. 


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