Caffè Molinari Nespresso Compatible Multipack

In this multipack, you will find 6 boxes of the Caffè Molinari Multipack compatible with all Nespresso original capsule coffee machines.

Suitable for all Nespresso original capsule Range of Capsule Machines.

Guaranteed satisfaction for any Nespresso Coffee Drinkers.





Product Description

Prestigious Italian coffee producer – Caffé Molinari brings this perfect Single serving ground coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso ORIGINAL coffee machines.

In this multipack, you will find all 6 unique blends:

Caffè Molinari 100% Arabica Nespresso Compatible – A coffee made only from Arabica beans, providing a fine blend with sweet aromatic taste for a delicate coffee with a pleasant acidity.

Intensity 6/13 | 10 Capsules per box

Caffè Molinari Cacao Arancia Nespresso Compatible – A beautiful espresso coffee, gently flavored with cocoa and orange resulting in a cup of espresso coffee with delicious flavors and fragrances.

Intensity 10/13 | 10 Capsules per box

Caffè Molinari Ginger Cinnamon Nespresso Compatible – The Ginger Cinnamon gives a unique espresso coffee. A blend of roasted coffee with ginger and cinnamon packed.

Intensity 10/13 | 10 Capsules per box

Caffè Molinari Qualità Oro Nespresso Compatible – A smooth, creamy taste with an unmistakable body and aroma for the coffee connoisseur! This espresso is the perfect mixture of Arabica beans and Robusta beans. 70% Arabica | 30% Robusta

Intensity 9/13 | 10 Capsules per box

Caffè Molinari Qualità Rosso Nespresso Compatible – A perfect intense and strong taste, delivering a nice crema on top in the cup.

Intensity 10/13 | 10 Capsules per box

Caffè Molinari – Decaffeinato Nespresso Compatible – Ideal for those who want decaffeinated coffee without giving up the pleasure and taste of a good coffee.

Intensity 9/13 | 10 Capsules per box


CERTIFIED QUALITY: Roasted, ground and packaged in a self-protected capsule in Italy (Modena) by Caffè Molinari, since 1804 the love for coffee

Molinari coffee is fully imported from Italy, Molinari has perfected their blending and packaging processes to ensure a perfect coffee every time. Each product adheres to strict quality control and is an outstanding example of Italian Barista tradition.


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