Aeropress Organic Coffee Set


With our new Aeropress Organic Coffee Set, you will find everything you need to make the perfect Aeropress Coffee wherever you are. Whether it’s at home, in the office or overnight at a hotel that fresh cup of coffee is literally seconds away with the famous Aeropress.

The new version 8 AeroPress Coffee Maker is accompanied with a top of the range Rhino Tall Hand Grinder, a bag of exquisite Lavazza Alteco Organic Espresso Beans plus an extra filter paper Free of charge.

Always better value when you choose to buy our brewtiful coffee sets!



Product Description

Looking for the perfect coffee gift set for a true coffee lover or just want to treat yourself with some serious coffee brewing equipment? Our AeroPress Organic Coffee set is a great choice for all coffee enthusiast.

With the AeroPress, you have the ability to try many different brew styles, controlling time, dose, grinds, whilst allows you to maximise the depth of flavour. It is a truly versatile coffee brewer.

Indulge the coffee lovers with this exclusive Aeropress Organic Coffee Set, including the latest Version 8 AeroPress Coffee Maker, a top of the range Rhino Hand Grinder, as well as a bag of an exquisite 100% certified organic coffee beans from Lavazza, with a lingering aroma, hints of honey, dried fruit and dark chocolate, spiced finish.

This Aeropress Organic Coffee Set contains:



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