Pancake Tuesday is upon us again, looking for any pancake inspiration and new recipes to try out this year? I can assure you that our hand-picked coffee pancake recipes won't disappoint your families and friends. Serving these sweet, fluffy and stacked pancakes with an hot espresso or a milky cappuccino! What a treat!

Chocolate and Coffee Pancakes

These pancakes are rich in both chocolate and coffee. It tastes like a mocha, but better. It’s warm, fluffy, and yes slightly decadent but totally appropriate for breakfast. Or brunch. Or dessert. You pick.

espresso banana pancake recipe
Espresso Banana Pancakes

These Espresso Banana Pancakes are a little on the dense side thanks so the mashed bananas, but they’re not heavy, packed with flavours and goodness.

paleo almond coffee pancake
Paleo Mocha Almond Pancake

These hearty, scrumptious coffee pancake made with almond flour, it is so fluffy and tasty, and it is Paleo friendly.

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