Coffee Etiquette Around the World

The world of dining etiquette is immense, the ways in which the world drinks coffee are vast too. In this interesting infographic, we are taking a look at through some of the world’s coffee etiquette. From in Italy, Cappuccino is drunk in the morning, never after a meal. In Ireland, the sugar sachets are served on the side with your coffee, so the customer can add them into the coffee themselves. But in Turkey, you add the preferred amount of sugar during the coffee preparation, not after. Whilst in Bosnia, you need to take one bite of the sugar and let it dissolve under your tongue while you sip the coffee.


We have really enjoyed reading this Coffee Etiquette Infographic, we have certainly learned a few interesting facts about coffee in the process.  It reminds us that there is no one way to consume or enjoy coffee!

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July | 2019


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